Georgie Maia

Mayfli Admin

I’m Georgia, I’m 15 and I live in Northumberland. When I’m not studying for my GCSEs, I love to read and draw ✍️    

   How did it all start ❓

I’ve always loved drawing and had a fairly impressive collection of pens and books by the age of 5!

My business came about by chance when I started making cards for my family about 18 months ago. My Grandparents have been 2 of my biggest supporters alongside my parents. Grandma has a thing for cards, orders cards for any event she can think of and insists on paying the “going rate”. 9 months ago my Grandad gave a sample of my cards to one of his customers and things just took off from there!

What do I do ❓

I make individually hand drawn personalised cards. Each and every card is made to order and can be totally personalised to suit even the most bizarre requests (a lion with baked bean and chocolate chip cookie friend). I’ve also recently started my digital illustration journey and have created my own colourful, whimsical positivity calendar, notecards, notebooks and bookmarks using my own drawings.

Where does it all happen ❓

I make all of the orders around my studies and homework and HQ is currently run from my bedroom with an overflow in Mums study. One day I will have a lovely studio to work in. In the meantime I’m looking forward to developing my drawing skills and creating more products which will hopefully bring a smile to people’s faces.