Diya Wellness Essential Oils Workshop with Mayfli

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A Breath of Tranquility Amidst the Chaos

In the hustle of running a business and the whirlwind of self-employment, my daughter and I found ourselves immersed in work, barely taking a moment to breathe. That's when I decided, "Enough is enough." This year, amidst the chaos, I pledged to break free from the daily grind and indulge in much-needed "me" time.

 Embracing Serenity at the Essential Oils Workshop

As we stepped into the room, a symphony of relaxation music embraced us, intertwining with the enchanting aroma of essential oils that hung in the air. The space was alive with the shared energy of like-minded souls; all gathered for a common purpose – to relish a moment of tranquillity.

Crafting Aromatic Masterpieces with Vino

Vino, from Diya Wellness, kicked things off by ensuring we understood the safety of Essential Oil blending, meticulously guiding us through the distinct aromas of each essential oil while unravelling their benefits.

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We learnt about the three axes of focus.

Simplicity is Key:

Keeping wellness rituals simple is vital for long-term success. Simplifying our self-care routines makes them more sustainable and easier to integrate into our daily lives. Rather than overwhelming ourselves with elaborate practices, focus on a few essential rituals that align with your needs and goals.

Consistency is the Foundation:

Consistency plays a crucial role in maintaining overall well-being. Establishing healthy habits requires a commitment to consistency. Create a wellness plan or schedule, treating your chosen rituals as non-negotiable appointments with yourself. Dedicating specific time to wellness increases the likelihood of forming lasting habits. If you miss a session, avoid self-judgment; instead, resume where you left off.

The Power of Presence:

Being present during wellness practices is transformative. Although challenging initially, practising presence becomes easier with commitment over time. Observe your thoughts and emotions without judgment, gently bringing your attention back to the present moment. Focus on your breathing and let the power of presence enhance your wellness journey.

The Magic of making our own Blends

Then came the enchanting part – the magic of crafting our own unique blends. Under Vino's expert guidance, we delved into a realm of creativity, mixing and matching to concoct personalised aromatic masterpieces.

Infusing Positive Energy with Natalia's Affirmation Ritual

Once our blends were perfected, Natalia took the reins, leading us through a transformative affirmation ritual to infuse our oil blends with positive energy.  Natalia then navigated us through a soothing massage practice using our custom blends, turning the experience into a harmonious dance of scents, sensations, and self-care.

A Blissful Conclusion at Earthlings Cafe:

As the workshop came to a close, we continued the morning in the Earthlings Cafe, sipping on delightful CBD lattes. The Earthlings Cafe, with its warm ambiance and CBD-infused beverages, added an extra layer of joy to our holistic experience. It was a reminder that wellness is not only about individual practices but also about the connections we make and the shared moments of growth and relaxation.

Here's to more workshops, more connections, and more moments of well-being on our journey together!

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